About Us

about us
In 1990, we moved to Chesterfield and started our farming business that grew over the years with the help of our children. In the beginning we farmed 35 acres but this has grown to 165 acres. 125 of those acres are devoted to growing annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and branches all for cut flower production.

Our fields contain a wide variety of flowers harvested daily for all occasions. They are in full bloom from mid-May through October, and our most popular items are Sunflowers, Mixed Bouquets, and Dahlias.

Sunflowers are harvested from July to October showing their bright color. No flower can lift someone's spirits quite like sunflowers. With brilliant yellow petals, sunflowers have an unmistakable sun-like appearance that has made them a crowd favorite, especially in the summer months. Our fields are in bloom with Sunflowers all summer and into the fall.

Mixed Bouquets are what set us apart. From June through October we create unique bouquets that change from week to week. Each bouquet is individually assembled for perfection.

Dahlias make their sensational appearance in mid August and show their glory from mid September until November. They are one of the most spectacular flowers. Dahlias come in a great variety of sizes and colors.