Cut Flower Collection


Three inch flower clusters on tall sturdy stems
Adds texture and interest to mixed bouquets

Availability: July - September

Ammi Majus

Commonly known as Queen Ann's Lace
Lacy flower heads 4-5 inches across
Blooms are pure white with rich green foliage

Availability: June


Excellent cut flowers with exceptional vase life
"Upright Bouquet" - Complete plant blooms
"Base Branching" - Long individual stems with single blooms
Colorful and long lasting

Availability: August

Bachelor's Button

Blue flowers with 1.0 - 1.5 inch blooms
Excellent cut flower

Availability: May - June

Black Eyed Susan

Strong stems with large golden yellow blooms

Availability: June


Extra strong stems with upward facing leaves
Specifically bred for cut flowers
Bright orange in color

Availability: June and early July


Outstanding cut flower and available dried
Tall, velvety texture, rigid stems with small and medium heads
Only the finest cristata cockscomb are grown

Availability: August and September


Very large, mostly decorative selection
2 - 5 inches across on strong stems
Available in white, yellow, red, lilac, orange, and purple

Availability: August - October


Small silver, blue, and green leaves
Very popular foliage

Availability: October

Flowering Kale

Long lasting and attention grabbing arrangements
Dark green outer leaves and white to light pink (rosie red) centers
Cabbage type plants with small heads

Availability: November


Cover-like blooms
Available both fresh and dried
Colors include purple, red, orange, and bi-color rose

Availability: August - September

Green Mist

Similar to Queen Ann's Lace
Very strong stems, compact umbrels
4 inches in diameter
Color is greenish white forming a shallow hemispherical shape

Availability: July


Dames Rocket
Purple or white flowers on tall spikes
Extremely fragrant

Availability: May

Lady's Mantle

Decorative and elegant green leaves
Graceful yellow flowers from multiple clusters

Availability: June


A favorite of florists
Extra long stems with fully double flowers
Available in a variety of purples, blues, pinks, and whites

Availability: June


One of the most beloved herbs from the garden
Superb cut flower
Indigo blue with an unmistakable aroma

Availability: June


Exceptional rose-like beauty with a long vase life
Our most popular cut flower
Available in purple, blue, pink, yellow, and white

Availability: July and September


High quality, fully double blooms with a long vase life
Long sturdy stems
Available in yellow and orange

Availability: July - September

Mixed Bouquets

Beautiful mix of assorted flowers that fill the top of a 19" sleeve
Most bouquets contain a sunflower
Sunflower surrounded by a mixture of assorted cut flowers

Availability: June - September


Also known as "Love In A Mist"
Beautiful blooms followed by interesting and unique seed pods

Availability: June and July

Ornamental Peppers

Upright chile type peppers in red
Each cluster holds 6 - 12 fruits
Also round and cone shapes in green, orange, and red

Availability: September and October


The tallest of all the blue Salvias

Availability: July - September


High quality robust stems with beautiful firm flower spikes
White, pink, yellow, orange, red and a mix of colors available

Availability: June - September


Tall stems for cut flower use
Great as filler or stand alone
For fresh use and suitable for drying
Available in blue, yellow, white, and purple

Availability: July and August


Papery blooms on tall stems
Available in pink, red, orange, white, yellow, and mixed
Also available dried

Availability: July - September


All the most popular cutting varieties are grown
3 - 6 inches across and minis
Novelty colors and fully double Teddy Bears

Availability: June - September

Sweet William

A mixture of scarlet, deep red, red and white bicolor, salmon shades and white
Magnificent and colorful

Availability: May and June

Wheat Celosia

Several varieties, green and multicolored purple leaves
Colors range from pink to deep magenta
Very novel and versatile, great as a filler, resemble wheat shape

Availability: August and September


Yellow Yarrow - Small bright and yellow heads
Mixed pastels - Pinks, reds, yellows, orange, and lilacs

Availability: June and July


An old time favorite, resembles dahlias
Variety of colors including pink, orange, purple, yellow, and mixed
Single and double blooms, 1 - 3 inches across

Availability: July - September